Monday, August 06, 2007

PRINCE2 vs Scrum

I was at 1 day overview of PRINCE2 today. It was interesting. Much better than I expected. The trainer was very good and he showed interest in the business aspect and the delivery as much as the process. Previously, I had viewed PRINCE2 as process focused, I.E. if I tick this box, then my project must succeed.

I am a certified Scrummaster. I wanted to better understand PRINCE2 so that it will be easier to see how the two play together.

Essentially, both frameworks/processes want the same thing: Successful delivery of projects to the customer/business. They have a few differences in their approach, but I think that this can be worked out.

I'm going to keep in contact with the trainer, as the Agile SIG that I'm involved in is also keen to get this sorted. He was also interested in this issue.

Oh, and I'm still an agile fan, but we need to determine how we can still function in a more process driven framework. I can't see PRINCE2 disappearing in the short term...