Thursday, April 07, 2005

salt and vinegar chips

Seems there's a new player in the almost full to bursting point salt and vinegar chips market. Arnott's have been advertising their "Tasty Jacks". They say that if you try them you'll never go back.

Well I did, and although they're pretty good, I'd say that they come in at #3 on my list. So what's my list? Glad you asked:

#1: Kettle Sea Salt and Basalmic Vinegar. Fantastic!
#2: Smiths Salt and Vinegar crisps. The thin slices really add to the enjoyment
#3: Arnotts Tasty Jacks Salt and Vinegar. Great attempt, but can't quite match the taste of #1 or #2.
#4: Smiths ridged Salt and Vinegar. Good regular chips.
#5: Pringles Salt and Vinegar. Ok.
#6: any other brand. No one really cares at this level.

I also have very fond memories of a chip called the BIG Salt and Vinegar. I think that they were only available in about 1985. Probably because the flavour was so strong and the chip so thick that several children were admitted to hospital with salt and vinegar flavour poisoning.


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