Tuesday, June 20, 2006

silver bullet

I wish that there was one simple thing that I could do to ensure success of my projects.

I know more than I used to. I read and think and experiment. These things help.

But there is no one thing that ensures success. There is no silver bullet.

There are lots of things that will help:
- constant feedback
- constant review
- constant planning
- improving communication

But these are comprised of many more things/techniques. There is so much to consider and each project is different, so your concepts and tools will need to be adapted.

All I can suggest is to improve your knowledge and experience and talk to anyone that can assist. Ask to anyone that has experience. Ask anyone you respect. Ask anyone anything...

Don't be surprised if the quietest member of you team holds some gems that can help.

(If you do have a silver bullet, then please let me know)

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