Thursday, April 12, 2007

after code camp 2007...

I really enjoyed Code Camp 2007. It's great to go to a conference where everyone is keen and is obviously committed to their career, demonstrated by being prepared to spend a weekend of their free time to attend.

Big thanks to Greg Low and Mitch Denny. Fantastic work.

As an aside, we were asked to leave the venue as clean as we found it and so I collected about half of the Readify pamphlets for the up coming WPF session in Sydney that had been placed on each chair.

As a joke, the guys from my work have been placing those very same pamphlets on my seat at work whenever I get up form my desk. This has been going on since we got back. I'm amazed that they are so committed to the joke. The funny thing is - I bet they get tired of it before I do...

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