Thursday, September 13, 2007

Report on the Agile and PRINCE2 Meeting

That was a fantastic start to the discussion of this topic.

We had some very experienced PRINCE2 people, including the person who brought PRINCE2 to Australia.

We also had some experienced Agile people there too. (Agile is younger than PRINCE2, and I don't want to start a competition!)

The discussion was very constructive and both parties were interested in seeing why and how they can interact. From the initial conversation, I can't see how with a little tweaking it can't be achieved.

We intend to break into small groups and look at particular issues and spend some time working out how they can be overcome.

I would like to thank Rowan who did most of the organising and Lawrie for coaxing the PRINCE2 guys to come along. Great Stuff!

There is more information on the Agile Canberra Group page at this link.

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