Monday, October 08, 2007

PRINCE2 and Agile, Round #2

The next PRINCE2 and Agile interaction meeting will be on Wednesday night at Wizard Solutions, 15 Barry Drive Turner, starting at 6pm.

This month there will be some small presentations on the way that PRINCE2 and Agile methods can play nicely together and what documentation from PRINCE2 is similar/different to documents in Agile methods.

See this for more details.

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Melvin said...

Hello John,

Im a junior projectmanager who just entered the world of IT proejectmanagement. I've been asked to look into the difference between PRINCE2 and SCRUM. While I was googling I ended up on your blog and found out you were actually comparing the methods and trying to mix them. Since im living in the netherlands I cant attend any of the meetings. So I was wondering if you have any documentation or comparison tables available which could be any use to me?

Thanks in advance,