Monday, May 29, 2006


I like Test Driven Development (TDD).

I was starting on a small application the other day. So, I added a reference to NUnit, added a class to my new Windows Application and wrote my first test. Compile.

Now, over to NUnit to execute it...

Where is my test? I can't find it.

Right, I check the code. Yep, the appropriate NUnit attributes are there. What's going on? I double check the code and then back to NUnit. Rebuild, Reload. Rebuild, Reload. Still nothing.


OK, I know that I have gotten this working before.

I have a small DLL that I have tests in. Open it in NUnit. Tests are there. Strange.

I create a new Class Library application. I write a test in it. Over to NUnit. It's there. Arrrggghhhh!!

Back to my Windows Application.

It's then I notice that there is no accessibility modifier on the class. I just assumed that it was public. I add a public modifier, rebuild and over to NUnit.

Test appears.


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