Tuesday, July 11, 2006

simple things first...

I was working on a small financial app the other day (to work out where all my money goes) and I found that I started to struggle to make progress.

While I was watering the garden, I was mulling over how I was going to get the automatic categorisation and difference between actual and budget amounts working and then BAM, I suddenly realised that I wasn't starting out with the simplest thing I could do.

I decided that categorisation could come later, I needed a win and I needed it now. So I decided to just break down all income and expenses by each month and graph that. Easy. Anything with a minus is an expense and anything with a plus is an income. Within an hour I had it working.

I realised that the power of starting off in a simple way and getting a success is very important to being productive.

It's amazing how the stuff that you read is true, sometimes you need it to experience it for yourself...

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