Saturday, August 05, 2006

where next?

What's next for me?

My boss keeps telling me that his type of job, a manager, is the next logical step for me.

Hmm... I'm not too sure. I can see quite a lot of options, but I'm not drawn to be a proper manager, one that has to manage budgets, staffing issues and the like.

It's not that I wouldn't do it, but, I don't currently see the appeal.

I really like managing teams and being a technical specialist. That can lead into many jobs, including roles like:
- project management
- trainer (in team management, development techniques, etc)
- consultant (yes, like you Mitch)
- development specialist
- architect
- others that I can't think of because it's late and I've had a few drinks...

I guess my point is that the process shouldn't just be:
- developer, then
- team lead, then
- manager.

It's OK if that makes sense for you, but remember that people who are keen to step up have many options in their career. Find what you like to do, or are good at and work at it - you'll be amazed what you can do...

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