Wednesday, February 28, 2007

something to do...

I was using VS 2005 yesterday with TFS and I was searching for some code using CTRL+SHIFT+F. You know, find in files. Very handy tool.

I double clicked one of the results and the file and the location in the code was loaded. Great.

But then I wanted to locate the file in the 100+ projects in the solution explorer.

So, right click on the tab for the file, but there's no option to highlight and show the current file the Solution Explorer. So I grabbed the closest team mate and had a rant.

He agreed with me. This would be useful.

So, my next task is to write an add-in or similar to make this work.

But, if you know of something or someway to do this already, then please let me know. Thanks!

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Rory said...

There is a way to do this. In the options dialog, under Projects and Solutions (I think), there is an option to track/select the current file in Solution Explorer. This means that whenever you select or open a file, it will be selected for you.