Monday, February 05, 2007

three things I like

There's three things that I want plug for no particular reason, other than I think that they're great. (And no - I haven't received any free gifts, although I'm willing to accept them.)

1. Mountain biking at Sparrow Hill. The track builders, Paul Cole and others, have built an absolutely fantastic cross country track. I must commend them. If you like cross country mountain biking and live near Canberra, then head out there. It's fantastic.

2. Indoor Cricket. This is a much underrated game. It only takes about an hour and a bit to play a game of skill and participation. And afterwards a drink and a chat. I play with a team at Weston Indoor Sports in Weston Creek. It's fantastic.

3. Toyota Hilux Dual Cab SR. I love my ute. I used to have a Holden Rodeo. I was a fool. The Toyota Hilux is an incredible truck. The thing is great to drive and incredibly useful. It's fantastic.

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